September is Self-Improvement Month

It’s a pretty natural desire to want to improve yourself and there is no better time than September to get started. September is National Self-Improvement Month to encourage individuals to seek out new learning opportunities and cultivate new skills. Now is time to push yourself to finally write that book, or start your evening walking sessions. Not sure where to get started? Here are five ideas sure to get you moving and excited!

1. Watch less TV and pick up a great read: Get swept away with these 10 great novels with Nurses as lead characters.

2. Pick up a hobby or side hustle: Have you ever wanted to try crafting or knitting? Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a short story or novel….whatever your desire is, start now! Making time for a hobby you enjoy can greatly increase your satisfaction in life. Work for a living, but incorporate hobbies for your passion.

3. Learn a new language: This one is especially great for healthcare professionals as they treat patients of all ethnicity and cultures. You never know when those Spanish lessons could put a non-English speaking patient at ease! Here’s an article with the 10 Best Ways to Learn a New Language

4. Kickoff your journey to fitness or healthier lifestyle: The gym is probably one of the most avoided places of earth, second to the DMV. There are plenty of fitness groups, fitness apps and health related content out there to get you started. All you need to do is act.

5. Practice meditation or self-awareness: As hectic as working in the hospital setting can be, practicing meditation and self-awareness can provide a great deal of relief in your everyday life. Science has proven that meditating changes the brain, accelerating cognition, boosting creativity and even warding off certain diseases, just to name a few. As a healthcare professional, taking time to meditate and practice self-awareness can relieve many ailments of working a hectic and often stressful job setting.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! How will you take on the September challenge to improve yourself? Leave us a comment below and share your story.

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