Healthy Trick or Treating Alternatives

The time is drawing near for ghastly costumes and ghoulish treats. Every year nearly 600 million pounds of candy are sold; that’s a lot of potential for dreaded cavities. This year you can help ease the temptation with the following Trick or Treat Healthy Alternatives:

Playful, plastic Jewelry:

Instead of the go-to Party-sized sack of candy, why not pass out fun jewelry for kids to play with. Plastic bracelets and rings, cardboard crowns, tiaras and even clip-on earrings make for great hand-outs kids will surely appreciate.

Awesome Accessories:

Creative accessories are amazing for children and their wild imaginations. Pirate eye patches, stick-on mustaches, you name it! Children can continue the fun all night long with your great handout.

Arts and Craft Materials:

Trick or Treating is a temporary indulgence that happens once a year; give kids something to do with arts and crafts handouts. Kids will appreciate items they can use after Halloween like stickers, coloring books and crayons. These little trinkets will go a long way for a child.


Games are one the cheapest yet most entertaining items to hand out to children. Stop by your local dollar store and pick up mini puzzles, tic-tac-toe sets, paddleball, cards and even chess sets a child can enjoy time and again.

Healthy Snacks:

If you must cave into traditional norms and pass out sugary treats for halloween, there are healthier alternatives that probably no child will thank you for, but parents will appreciate. You can rest easy knowing you did not contribute to single cavity with the following options:

– little boxes of raisins
– clementine oranges
– Assorted nut packets
– granola bars
– And there’s always the organic section of the grocery store with tons of healthy alternatives.

Planning on passing out treats this year? Leave us a comment below with your go-to handouts!

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