6 Tips for New Nurses

Starting your first day as a new nurse is filled with excitement, joy and sometimes, a whole bunch of nerves. It’s easy to feel like the new kid without a clue, doubting your capabilities and awkwardly trying to fit in, especially with other senior nurses clearly accustomed to both the culture and your coworkers. First impressions are everything and your first day is no different, this is your time to shine and show the world what you came here to do; provide excellent care!

Heed the advice of these experienced nurses to start your first day on the right foot:

1. Pay attention in Orientation

Orientation is learning opportunity, ask questions and weigh in on the discussion. If you are uncertain or unsure whether your capable of hitting the floor, raise your concerns and maybe ask to be reoriented. This is the best time to get all your concerns out and obtain all the information you need to succeed.

2. Don’t fall into Bad Habits

It can be tempting to fall prey to bad habits in order to fit in with your new coworkers, but just don’t. The Nursing profession is altogether rewarding, but it is also rife with conflict in varying doses.Given the high-intensity nature of the medical setting, many nurses have noted occurrences of gossiping, backstabbing and general difficulty working with their peers. Keep it positive and refrain from adding anything negative to the conversation; You never know if you’ll be working with these people in the near future, maybe as your new supervisor or vice versa.

3. Bond with Your Team

Build your relationships everyday. Your coworkers are your second family if you think about it. Offer help when needed and be willing to sacrifice your pride or ego in testy situations.

4. Learn

Ever heard the phrase “There are no stupid questions.” This could not be more true in the medical setting. If you need help, or are not aware of a term or process, ASK! Learning is the road to success in every way.

5. Make Friends in High and Low Places

Befriend staff from all levels in your work environment. You’ll never know when you’ll need those connections to solve an issue.

6. Recharge
Take time for yourself. Working in healthcare can be stressful, don’t fall prey to burnout. You’re only your best when you’ve had some rest!

Are you new nurse with tips for succeeding on your first day? Leave us a comment below!

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