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9 Rules for Nurses from 1887

The Nursing profession has had an interesting evolution since the practice first became notable in the 19th century. The following list of nurse duties provides an insight into what the nursing profession was like more than a hundred years ago! These nine rules for nursing were taken directly from a job description in 1887, providedContinue Reading

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5 Tips for Maxmizing your Days Off

We live in a fast-paced, demanding era where our jobs take priority over many of our personal needs, goals and errands, especially when you work in healthcare. Regardless if you work a straight 8-5 or a 12 hour shift, the effect is the same; most of us feel tired and stressed out, unable to accomplishContinue Reading

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The Lady with the Lamp – Florence Nightingale

Many Nurses will rightly enjoy a week of appreciation, but do you know where this highly celebrated week origins are rooted? Nurses Day is celebrated on the 12th of May, in honor of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, a woman considered to be the pioneer of modern nursing. Born into a rich, upper-class, well-connected British family, NightingaleContinue Reading

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Attire

The way you dress can say a lot about you. Clothes are often used to convey our personalities; our style and can even tell other’s our interest and hobbies. Who knew our clothes could say so much? On any given day expressing your individuality through your style is acceptable and even praised, but on InterviewContinue Reading

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