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Kickstart the New Year – Update your Resume

Updating our resume is probably one of the most dreaded tasks on the planet. What are my skills? What do I actually do? The questions become an obstacle as we try to reinvent ourselves for marketability. With the new year approaching, it’s time to face our resume head on and prepare for what’s ahead. FollowContinue Reading

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Are you Covered? Health Insurance Penalties Set to Increase

The holiday season typically consumes a lot of our time and thoughts, not leaving much time to focus on much else. But there’s one thing everyone needs to be aware of before January 31st rears its head, health insurance. Are you covered? According to CNBC, the OBAMA Care penalty will be much bigger than individualsContinue Reading

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Employment Steady and on the Rise

December is a great month to reflect on the past year as the new year is upon us. As we get closer to saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, new reports show promising numbers for employment rates. According to an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer   it’s been 14 years since the GreaterContinue Reading

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5 Unique Holiday Gifts for Health Care Professionals

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving Every holiday season is a blur of shopping, feasting and sometimes overtime. You may be wondering what to get your fellow healthcare professionals this season. Whether you work at a Doctor’s Office, hospital or provide home care, we have the gifts that work time and again. Are youContinue Reading

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